Raglan Local Walks

Welcome to Raglan Local Walks

Raglan Local Ways was formed in the Autumn of 2008 as a result of an open meeting organised jointly by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) Countryside Warden and adventa, who were seeking volunteers for two projects: firstly, to liaise with Raglan VC Primary School to produce a history of the area and to work on a circular walk near the school and secondly, to open up footpaths around the community which had been neglected for many years.
The School Project
This project attracted a number of older volunteers who possessed a wealth of memories and history of the village. Together with pupils they produced an Intergenerational DVD which will be a record of the village history.
The school children also helped to complete the ‘Healthy Footsteps Walk’ which is approximately 1.25 miles in length. They gave the path its name and designed interpretation material, such as wooden plaques with healthy eating messages which are displayed on each of the gates.The children also attended a number of workshops with the wood carver (his name?), who has produced two unique seats for the route in the form of an apple and a banana. The wood carver has since been commissioned to make three more plaques with an historical theme. The children decided to nominate Raglan Castle, Raglan Church and Raglan Railway Station as the subjects and these can be found on three of the gates.
Opening Up The Local Footpaths
Other volunteers formed the Raglan Local Ways group which numbers around 24 members of both sexes, with a variety of ages and skills. All the members have signed up to the MCC Volunteer Scheme and are trained in surveying, waymarking and the use of hand tools. A number of the volunteers are also involved with MCC Countryside Service assisting in the installation and repair of gates, stiles and bridges.
Strimmers were purchased with the help of a grant from Keep Wales Tidy and several members have now undergone training in their use, in order to help maintain the footpaths. Further training organised by MCC has resulted in a number of members qualifying as Walk Leaders and First Aiders.
Our next objective was to produce twelve circular walks in and around the community. In April 2011 three new walk leaflets were launched, which together with the Healthy Footsteps, cover six walks in total. The leaflets are free and are available from local businesses in Raglan and the surrounding area. They can also be downloaded from this site. This has only been possible due to the generous support of The New Grove Trust and D & M Watkins, Raglan. However there are still many challenges to overcome on some of the other footpaths to achieve our initial aim.
The group are also very grateful to MCC Countryside Service and Rights of Way departments for their valued help with information and maps for the leaflets.