Freedom of Information

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The Information Commissioner's Office has used the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the first time to order an undertaking of an organisation. The undertaking was designed to assess and improve the organisation's openness and accountability in the public interest.

What is the Freedom of Information Act? 

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 was implemented to make public sector bodies more open and accountable. It is hoped that the public sector can better understand how public authorities operate by enabling grater access to information. It should enable a greater understanding about the duties of a local authority, the decisions they make and how they spend public money. 

A.1 Who We Are and What We Do
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A.2 What We Spend and How We Spend It 
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A.3 What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing
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A.4 How We Make Decisions
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A.5 Our Policies and Procedures
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A.6 Lists and Registers 
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A.7 The Services We Offer 
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